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Introduction to Web3 and the Metaverse

Amit Vyas, A Nexa Publication

April 2022

There’s change coming. Much like the introduction of the internet almost 30 years ago, there is a new movement that is gathering pace and accelerating at such speed that it will quickly threaten the current digital and business landscape.

Those who understand and appreciate the magnitude of this change - the Web 3.0 revolution can stand to benefit. Similar to those who embraced the internet (Web 1.0) back in the 90s and the social media era (Web 2.0), first-movers will have a clear advantage with fortune almost certainly favouring the brave.

When the internet was launched for mainstream audiences, there were many who believed that this was just the beginning. Technology would certainly evolve and even if we’d never heard of terms such as ‘broadband’, dial-up modems would (hopefully) be a thing of the past.

But even then, despite slow internet speeds, we saw a glimpse of the future. Emails replaced postal services; access to the latest news and information were at the touch or two of a button and live communication in general, across international boundaries, were faster than ever. The dotcom boom followed shortly after with companies clamouring to be a part of the initial revolution. While many failed, some such as the likes of Amazon and Google flourished. Of those that failed, some were simply down to being too early - being a prime example of this. The dotcom bubble burst shortly after the failure of a number of businesses with many pessimists claiming victory in their view that the internet was a ‘fad’ and that the future did not involve a connected world wide web consisting of machines and people across the globe.

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Nexas Web3_and_Metaverse_White Paper - 2022
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