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How to build an economically viable, inclusive and safe metaverse

World Economic Forum

25 May 2022

During the COVID-19 pandemic, an increasing number of people have relied on media and technology to inform, entertain and educate themselves, do business, and socialize. But the shift in usage patterns does not automatically mean that everyone understands what the metaverse is. Fewer than one in five (16%) of Americans can define the term: some call it a new social networking platform, while others describe it as “a new internet experience which links together multiple sites and platforms”.

Even the leaders of businesses building the metaverse recognize a lack of common understanding about what the new medium will represent. Many of them are bullish on the prospects of the metaverse to create economic growth, improve collaboration and transform social experiences, but highlight emerging challenges of ethics, access, security and governance. Here is what seven of them said...

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